$5 Billion in New Taxes and Debt

Oct 26, 2016 by AFP

Don’t Coloradans Pay Enough?

(DENVER)–Sixty-two school districts around the state are requesting billions of dollars from Coloradans in new taxes and debt.  AFP Colorado is focusing a social media ad campaign to inform voters about these items on their ballots in the following districts: Denver and Aurora Public Schools, JeffCo Schools, Colorado Springs District 11, Academy School District 20, Poudre Schools, Thompson and Adams 12.

Michael Fields, State Director, explains why AFP is taking a firm stand against these issues.  Fields asserts, “On this year’s ballot, 62 school districts are calling for $5 billion in new taxes and debt. Everyone agrees that more of our education dollars should actually reach the classroom. Unfortunately,  a skyrocketing percentage — now nearly 20% of an employee’s salary – is eaten up by PERA, the whimpering state employee retirement fund. That’s not to mention the additional 8% taken directly out of teacher’s paychecks. We’ve also seen the education bureaucracy grow at an unprecedented rate in recent years. Coloradans want to see efficient use of existing revenue before being hounded by government to give more.”

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