Huge Tax Hike Hits Fulton County

Aug 12, 2014 by AFP

You won’t believe it but your Fulton County tax commissioners passed a 17% property tax increase last week on Fulton County families. This is a rate hike that is much larger than what we typically see. Even worse, the tax hike violates state law and could mean millions of dollars wasted through courtroom battles.

In 2013, the Georgia General Assembly approved House Bill 604, sponsored by Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones, to prohibit the Fulton County Commission from enacting a tax increase in 2014. A vote to increase property taxes in Fulton is not only bad for Fulton County taxpayers, it violates state law! Seven current and former Fulton County state representatives filed a lawsuit hours after the commission approved the proposal. The plaintiffs say the increase violates a bill that was passed during the 2013 legislative session.

The narrow 4-3 vote was supported by commission Chairman John Eaves and commissioners Emma Darnell, Bill Edwards and Tom Lowe. Voting against the measure were commissioners Joan Garner, Liz Hausmann and Robb Pitts. If the vote does not go down in Court, Fulton County taxpayers will see the increase on their next tax bill through a skyrocketing millage rate.

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