What the EPA Will Do To Businesses and Farmers

Jun 11, 2014 by AFP

We have a guest post today from local business owner Barley Riggs.  Please see below to check out what he has to say. 

Every day, I work with Arkansas farmers, maintaining their farms. I understand the real jeopardy that Arkansas farmers face with over-reaching government.

President Obama announced the latest power grab from Washington last week: an energy tax forced on the states through an EPA regulation – an energy tax he couldn’t pass in the Senate. It’s time for us to do something about the federal government’s ever-growing regulatory over-reach. The heavy hand of government has already written rules to control dust from tractors, regulate standing ponds on family owned farms, and rain water run off.  Does an honest man have a chance if someone doesn’t stand up for us?

Rep. Tom Cotton took a stand.  Last year, he passed legislation to make government bureaucracy submit major rules changes, like Obama’s energy tax and dust regulations, to be heard and voted on by Congress.  The Reins act had bi-partisan support (see the vote here).

I think we should thank people who try and stop problems BEFORE they hurt Arkansans.  I hope you will join me in thanking Congressman Cotton for standing with us to stop Washington’s agenda.