2014 Legislative and Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire

Jun 29, 2014 by AFP

2014 AFP-AZ Gubernatorial & Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

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Dear Candidate:

Please begin your response for each question by answering Yes or No or Maybe, and take as much space as you need to explain your answers. All questions below refer to state legislative questions, not federal or local. Please return this questionnaire in Word document format, or in the text of an email, to bfathauer@afphq.org

1) Do you support limiting increases in state spending to no faster than the projected rate of increase of Arizona’s economy?

2) Do you support “Truth in Spending” legislation that would require the Governor and Legislature to notify the public via news release whenever they propose a state budget that would increase state spending faster than the projected rate of increase of Arizona’s economy, as projected by the Economic Estimates Commission?

3) The structure of a state’s tax system has a significant impact on its ability to increase the economic prosperity of its residents. Do you support eliminating or phasing out Arizona’s personal and corporate income taxes?

4) If you do support phasing out Arizona’s personal and corporate income taxes, how quickly do you believe that can be done?

5) Do you support using any additional state revenue obtained due to the Marketplace Fairness Act to reduce the burden to hardworking Arizonans of harmful taxes such as the state income tax?

6) Will you support expanding the eligibility for Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts?

7) Do you support forbidding school districts or charter schools from using students’ personal information for political purposes — such as passing bond overrides?

8) Do you support allowing S corporations and other businesses to make tax credit contributions to student tuition organizations (STOs) that provide scholarships to help children get into independent schools?

9) Do you support allowing local school district boards and charter school governing boards to opt-out of the Common Core standards and to establish a process for them to adopt their own standards?

10) Do you support preventing public sector labor unions (or “associations”) from using their members’ dues for political activity without allowing members to annually “opt-in” to automatic paycheck deductions?

11) Would you support legislation to stop “pension spiking” by limiting the annual compensation used to determine the benefits received by government workers?

12) To keep state and local governments from being bankrupted by unfunded defined-benefit pension schemes, would you support transitioning all future government employees to defined-contribution pension systems, such as 401Ks or IRAs?

13) Would you support legislation allowing Arizona consumers to purchase insurance plans offered in other states?

14) Would you support legislation requiring the director of Arizona’s Medicaid program to request annual waivers from the federal government to limit abuses of the system — including the introduction of reasonable co-pays and a limit on the amount of total time an able-bodied adult can stay in the system?

15) Would you support providing Arizonans who elect not to sign up for health coverage under the ObamaCare exchange with an income tax deduction to help pay the penalty?

16) Would you support legislation reducing government regulation of transportation network companies (e.g., ridesharing companies) and permitting them to compete more freely with traditional forms of transportation (such as taxi companies)?

17) Do you support legislation to help Arizona small businesses by prohibiting taxing districts from levying a tax on the full cash value of the first $2.4 million of assessed cash valued of personal property and used for agricultural, trade or business purposes?

18) Do you support permitting individuals who are privately certified for a certain occupation to legally engage in their field of choice without having to obtain additional government certifications or licenses?

19) Do you support removing capital gains taxes on gold and silver and treating such assets as money instead of as investments?

20) Would you support resolutions and other measures designed to end federal ownership and management of Arizona’s public lands (other than national parks), and turn over most of those lands to private ownership and stewardship?