AFP-Wisconsin: Statement on ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers

October 14, 2013

AFP-Wisconsin: Statement on ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers

Madison—Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin State Director David Fladeboe issued the following statement Monday after Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance estimated that less than 50 individuals have signed up online for ObamaCare in Wisconsin:

“Enrollment numbers for ObamaCare in Wisconsin continue to show what folks in the Badger State and across the country have known for some time: President Obama’s more than trillion dollar health care law is not ready for primetime. The president and members of Congress like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been quick to tout the merits of ObamaCare while carving out special exemptions for their friends and allies, and folks across Wisconsin seem to be sending a clear message to Washington that says if big business and the well-connected aren’t being forced into the new health care law, they shouldn’t be either.”

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