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Lame Ducks Amuck

Even though the elections are over, don’t let 2014’s Lame-Duck Session take you by surprise. This is the time of year when elected officials pass harmful, short-sighted legislation because they feel less obligated to act in their constituents’ best interests. Take the time to tell your representatives to vote against Lame-Duck issues now!

Day of Action

Big government policies are putting the American dream at risk for our families and future generations. Are you ready to join AFP and fight for prosperity?

Lie of the Year!

President Obama promised that under Obamacare, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” But, millions of Americans have now received cancellation notices or live in fear of receiving one; they liked their plans, and won’t be keeping them.

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Americans for Prosperity: WV Has Rejected Obama’s Agenda

November 05, 2014

AFP Volunteers Talked to Thousands of West Virginians about Rahall and Obama’s Policies CHARLESTON – Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the leading grassroots organization for economic freedom, released the following statement on the results of the recent election. “The voters have answered loud and clear: They are done with Congressman Nick Rahall and President Obama’s failing […]

Wendy McCuskey Available to Discuss Election Results and Candidates

November 03, 2014

State Director of Americans for Prosperity West Virginia is Available for Interviews Throughout the Day CHARLESTON – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) West Virginia State Director Wendy McCuskey is available for interviews tomorrow to discuss the election results as they come in, why President Obama’s policies are bad for West Virginia, and the ways AFP is changing the state’s political landscape through effective grassroots […]


October 31, 2014 J

West Virginia Resident Featured in AFP Ad Speaks Out Again Mt. Nebo — Christina Underwood, who was recently featured in an AFP ad, has a sad update for us. The Underwood family is moving their family to Wyoming, where Christina’s husband can work without fear of losing his job; more proof that Nick Rahall doesn’t […]


October 29, 2014

State Director of West Virginia’s Leading Grassroots Organization Available to Provide Pre-Election Commentary CHARLESTON – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) West Virginia State Director Wendy McCuskey is available to provide pre-election commentary about the issues facing the state this election. Wendy is particularly knowledgeable about the impact of President Obama’s policies on West Virginia, such as the healthcare law, the EPA’s war on traditional energy, and […]

New AFP Ad: Time to Fire Nick “Better to lose their plans” Rahall

October 16, 2014

Online Ad Hits Nick Rahall for Voting 94% with President Obama CHARLESTON – Americans for Prosperity has released a hard-hitting ad calling on West Virginians to fire Nick Rahall for blindly voting with President Obama against their interests. AFP’s new ad focuses on Rep. Rahall’s 94% voting record with President Obama and support for policies such as ObamaCare and […]