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New AFP Ad: Time to Fire Nick “Better to lose their plans” Rahall

October 16, 2014

Online Ad Hits Nick Rahall for Voting 94% with President Obama CHARLESTON – Americans for Prosperity has released a hard-hitting ad calling on West Virginians to fire Nick Rahall for blindly voting with President Obama against their interests. AFP’s new ad focuses on Rep. Rahall’s 94% voting record with President Obama and support for policies such as ObamaCare and […]

AFP to Rahall: Time for 1100 Conversations About the EPA

August 04, 2014

Alpha Natural Resources Specifically Blames EPA Regulations for Potential Layoffs BECKLEY – Americans for Prosperity is demanding that Nick Rahall explain himself to the 1100 miners who yesterday learned they may be laid off by Alpha Natural Resources. These miners include the husband of Mt. Nebo resident Christina Underwood, who already lost his job three times as a result of […]

One Month and No Response from Rahall to Miner’s Wife

July 17, 2014

Christina Underwood Demands Response from Congressman for War on Coal BECKLEY – Last month an Americans for Prosperity TV ad shared the story of Mt. Nebo resident Christina Underwood, whose coal-mining husband lost his job three times as a result of the EPA’s War on Coal. Ms. Underwood spared no words in calling out Congressman Nick Rahall for his […]

Nick Rahall Owes An Apology to Christina Underwood’s Family

June 26, 2014

Americans for Prosperity Demands an Apology to Underwood Family and other Coal Mining Families MT NEBO – Americans for Prosperity today demanded that Representative Nick Rahall apologize to the family of Christina Underwood and all coal mining families across the state, whom he insulted with his baseless claim that “Our coal companies can’t hire coal […]

One Week and Counting: No Response from Rahall to Miner’s Wife

June 24, 2014

Christina Underwood Says Rahall “Sold Out West Virginia” BECKLEY – It’s been a week since ads started airing across the third district featuring Christina Underwood saying “Shame on you” to Representative Rahall for not opposing the EPA’s job killing policies. Mrs. Underwood’s husband lost his job three times in the past five years due to company layoffs […]