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Lie of the Year!

President Obama promised that under Obamacare, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” But, millions of Americans have now received cancellation notices or live in fear of receiving one; they liked their plans, and won’t be keeping them.

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Americans for Prosperity Announces Rahall Radio Ad on ObamaCare

February 13, 2014

Leading Grassroots Opposition to ObamaCare Not Letting Up Pressure on Congressman Charleston – Americans for Prosperity – West Virginia today announced a new radio ad holding Rep. Nick Rahall accountable for his vote and continued vocal support for the ObamaCare law. Last week AFP launched a television ad which you can view here. The radio [...]

Americans for Prosperity Launches West Virginia Chapter, Holds Rep. Nick Rahall Accountable in New Ad

February 04, 2014

Charleston – No sooner had Americans for Prosperity launched its newest chapter in West Virginia than it announced a hard-hitting, major TV ad buy holding Rep. Nick Rahall accountable for supporting ObamaCare and urging him to change his position. The nation’s leading grassroots advocate for broad-based prosperity, economic freedom, and limited government, launched the West Virginia chapter with [...]

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