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Nansen Malin

Nansen Malin

December 13, 2012

Recognized for leading technology and new media efforts, Nansen Malin is a natural online grassroots organizer. With her husband, Brett, she is co-owner of MR Data Corporation, which provides statistical analysis for market research and public opinion surveys to an international client base.

Nansen’s interest in technology, database management and statistics began when she owned a New York City- based advertising agency that specialized in sales lead generation through direct mail campaigns. Later, in Southern California, she took a kitchen table hobby and through publicity and sales created an award winning wholesale manufacturing business. Her topiaries were featured in many national magazines and catalogs and at over 500 high end gift and garden stores. Nansen has appeared on national radio and television promoting her business and teaching business development skills.

A frequent public speaker, Nansen Malin has given numerous keynote speeches and trained thousands on persuasion techniques and building rapport. Nansen has translated these skills to the online world as the internet has developed into a tremendous resource for messaging and persuasion. She continues to speak across the country with a focus on New Media platforms to organize political change.

Nansen has held several prominent positions in Washington state politics, and served as National Political Director for Smart Girl Politics. One of the most followed conservatives on Twitter, she works on messaging and communication with Federal and State legislators, lobbyists, candidates, bloggers, and political and special interest groups to utilize the full resources of online communities and the internet to achieve their goals. Her technology expertise and enthusiasm has resulted in a large online following.

Nansen maintains a beach lifestyle blog, is active on several local community boards, including a historic salmon fish hatchery. She volunteers much of her time to mentor business owners, college students and high school youth. She advises and assists assorted grassroots political groups, candidates and helps coordinate political campaigns.
Nansen attended the Saul Alinsky Institute in the early 1970s and is currently writing a book about Community Organizing for Conservatives. A graduate of University of Washington, she is now able to operate from a quiet rural corner of Southwest Washington’s coast, using technology to maintain the involved lifestyle of the big city.

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