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Wind Power: Lets find out how good (or bad) it is

September 29, 2013 J

Tracy Warner, editorial page editor of The Wenatchee World, raises the question of whether the wind energy Washington consumers are required to buy is worth the cost. Actually, he seconds the question that has been raised by others, in a petition to State Auditor Troy Kelley. I’ll third it, then.

I didn’t vote for Initiative 937, which legally mandated Washington utilities to buy 9 percent of their power from “renewables” by 2016 and 15 percent by 2020. I put “renewables” in quotation marks because the initiative writers used a political definition that left out renewable hydro power. The result, as Tracy Warner writes, is that sometimes utilities have to buy wind power at a high price simply because it’s available, and sell at a much lower price the clean hydro power they already had. It’s as if you popped a bag of popcorn yourself and had to throw it away and buy the movie theater’s popcorn (and didn’t get to see the movie).

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