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Action Alert: EPA

June 25, 2013 J

This is an action alert to let you know what the Environmental Protection Agency is up to.

A few weeks ago the EPA finished a biased study that they are trying to use to preempt a mine in Alaska. The area known as The Pebble Project is one of the largest copper deposits in the world and the company considering development hasn’t even applied for a permit yet. But that hasn’t stopped the EPA and environmental pressure groups from trying to preemptively veto the project.

This is just one in a series of decisions by the EPA to impact the creation of jobs in our country.

It’s made worse because the mine in this case doesn’t even exist, the EPA made up a fictional mine and then bemoaned a parade of horribles that would result from its development. However, EPA didn’t take into account all of the modern techniques a mine owner might use to mitigate any impact on the region. The study is rigged to give EPA the outcome they want: a veto over a mine that doesn’t even exist yet.

Take action today to weigh in with the EPA and make sure they know Americans do not support rigging the permit process to block well paying jobs and economic development.

These are exactly the kinds of decisions from the Obama Administration that we have to stop. Our government should be focused on cutting red tap to let the private sector create jobs, not making up reasons to stop future development. Please take a moment and act today.


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