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Tell Senator Murray No New Taxes on Job Creators!

November 08, 2011 J

We need to tell Senator Patty Murray – Do not levy new taxes on oil and natural gas companies. Adding even more taxes serves only to hamper job growth, chill capital investment, and harm energy security and national security. Increased taxes aren’t the answer – less spending is.

Call Senator Murray at (866) 481-9186 to make your voice heard!

Our families deserve a future that is not laden with crushing taxes so we have an opportunity to succeed. Washington should address the real problem of spending.

Here in Washington State, we have five major refineries that support a total of 30,000 jobs, generate $1.7 billion in personal income and annually pay roughly $150 million in state and local taxes.

It makes NO sense to levy big tax hikes on U.S. oil and natural gas producers as our economy is trying to recover.
America needs jobs, and a strong domestic energy industry – producing fuel here at home and bringing it back from overseas – will accelerate job creation and spur economic recovery. And it will not require another taxpayer funded, trillion-dollar government stimulus program.

Please call or email Senator Patty Murray and tell her to look at the facts:
A study by Wood Mackenzie earlier this year looks out to 2020 and clearly lays out the benefits of policies that promote greater oil and gas development:
• More than 1 million new jobs could be created
• Government revenues would increase by about $127 billion
• Consumers would benefit from an additional 4-million barrels’ worth of oil and natural gas per day
Call Senator Murray at (866) 481-9186 to make your voice heard!

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