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Watch the Presidential Summit and Tweet Along with Us

April 29, 2011 J

Join AFPF Friday, April 29th at 8pm as we stream live from the Presidential Summit and tweet along with us! First click here to watch http://www.americansforprosperity.org/042811-afp-foundation-host-preside…. C-SPAN will also be broadcasting the event.

So how do you tweet along with us? Here is a step by step guide of how to join the conversation.

The basics:
Twitter is a short pithy way to communicate using only 140 characters. We will be watching the live stream and discussing the event.

Twitter is a big wide world- how do we find each other? We use #hashtags!

What is a #hashtag?

#hashtags allow us to search for a string of characters following a # symbol. This event #hashtag = #AFPNH (Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire) They are hosting the event.

To begin:
Sign up with www.twitter.com (it’s free). This is a good time to check out the action. Note- you don’t have to sign up to watch the fun – but you won’t be able to make a comment (send a tweet) without an account.

Sending a tweet:
When you send a tweet – be sure to include #afpnh in the tweet. Then we can all see you are talking about the #afpnh Presidential Summit.

Example: @nansen
First Pres Summit this Fri, April 29 at 8pm
est.Romney, Pawlenty, Santorum, Bachmann, Cain.
Watch online & tweet w/ me. #AFPNH

Tracking the conversation:
Experienced tweeps (twitter users) prefer tweetdeck, hootsuite or other applications that allow them to sort key words.

Here are 3 applications that will get you started for the #afpnh event:

1. www.search.twitter.com
(type in keyword #afpnh) Simple, easy to watch- but you have to refresh often. Can’t tweet from this page.

2. www.tweetchat.com
(type afpnh in the box) Easy to navigate, easy to tweet from. You can control the refresh speed.

3. www.tweetgrid.com
You don’t need to be registered on twitter.com to view the tweets. Pick a size and enter #afpnh in the search box.

What does that mean?

RT= retweet You like something so much you want to tell your followers. You pass the tweet along.
MT= modified tweet You have to change a RT substantially to fit it in the 140 limit.
@= reply tweet Use this to get a tweep’s attention. @(twitter handle) shows up in your replies column
#hashtags more #hashtags = #tcot (top conservatives on twitter) #afp (americans for prosperity
#tlot (top libertarians on twitter)
DM= direct message The email of twitter. Private message to a follower. D(space)(twitter handle)

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