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Gov. Jay Inslee will appeal Spokane County growth boundary plan

September 25, 2013 J

Gov. Jay Inslee has stepped into the fight over a July expansion of Spokane County’s urban growth area, including newly designated industrial land near Fairchild Air Force Base. Inslee said he has directed two state agencies to file an appeal with the Growth Management Hearings Board against the urban expansion by Spokane County commissioners. The appeal will [...]

The Fierce Politics of Water

August 07, 2013 J,

On Friday, the Washington Board of Natural Resources unanimously voted in favor of one of the largest private land acquisitions in Northwest history. It’s an agreement that teases out a long narrative on water politics, interest-group horse-trading and the federal government’s role in the 21st century West. In June, the Legislature approved $99 million from [...]

Burbank Blueberry Farm sued by Federal Government

August 07, 2013 J,

An Eastern Washington blueberry farm and packing house has been sued by the U.S. Department of Labor in a dispute over inspections by wage and hour investigators. Blue Mountain Farms and Blue Mountain Farms Packing in Burbank, Wash., initially agreed to allow investigators on their property on July 23. But when investigators returned a second [...]

Exploring for jobs in mineral rich SW Washington

February 14, 2012 J

As it turns out we could have one of the richest mineral deposits ever discovered in Washington State, right in our backyard here in Southwest Washington. Mount Margaret is located in the Saint Helens Mining District of Skamania County, about 22 miles southwest of Randle. The Mount Margaret deposit holds the potential for tremendous economic opportunity for Southwest Washington and our nation.

The process of exploring and developing a mineral deposit in an environmentally respectful manner demands a careful and deliberate process. The mining firm of Ascot Resources, Ltd is conducting tests to know if and how to move forward with a mine plan. The Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service has been working closely with Ascot. There has been no imprint on the environment with this careful testing.

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