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Wage Gauge: SeaTac becomes a paycheck flash point

September 29, 2013 J

When U.S. Rep. Adam Smith was growing up near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, his dad Ben worked as a ramp serviceman for United Airlines. When Ben Smith died in 1985, the congressman said his dad was making $16 an hour with full benefits. Today the starting pay for a ramp agent at Sea-Tac airport can be as low as [...]

Rule forces us to ask how much the wind costs

September 27, 2013 J

In 2006 we people of Washington voted to force ourselves to buy an ever-increasing share of our electricity from windmills. The law set out in Initiative 937 said “renewable” sources, but it might as well have said wind power, since abundant hydroelectricity is deliberately excluded, leaving wind the only “renewable” power source that is remotely [...]

Fixing state’s Energy Independence Act requires action, not words

September 27, 2013 J

Last week’s state Senate hearing in Richland on Washington’s Energy Independence Act was a welcome step but left us less than optimistic about the prospects for a sane energy policy anytime soon. The act is based on Initiative 937, which was approved by about 52 percent of state voters in 2006, and legislators are unlikely [...]

Labor Blasts State Coal-Port Permit Plan – Calls it ‘Radical Environmental Economic Imperialism’ Union Leaders Denounce Apparent Inslee-Administration Plan to Use Environmental Permit to Block Coal-Port Projects – Say it Won’t Prevent Climate Change

September 27, 2013 J

OLYMPIA, Sept. 25. – Union officials delivered a blast Wednesday on what appears to be an Inslee-Administration plan to use the environmental permitting process to block coal shipping from the state of Washington. The state’s unprecedented decision, which would “evaluate” the impact of coal exports to the Far East on the global climate, could spike [...]

Pike named to House Transportation Committee

September 26, 2013 J

With about a year of legislative experience under her belt, state Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, has been named to the House Transportation Committee, she said this week. As she announced the news, she also included some harsh words for light rail supporters. Her appointment comes as legislators tour the state, gearing up for the debate [...]

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