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Reject Medicaid Expansion

Reject Medicaid Expansion

September 02, 2013

Let’s stop the Obamacare train wreck. Medicaid expansion is a key part of Obamacare implementation. Tell Virginia legislators to vote “NO” on Obamacare and “NO” on Medicaid expansion!

  • Virginia lawmakers are considering adding 400,000 individuals to the Medicaid system that will cost Virginia taxpayers billions. Medicaid expansion means future tax hikes and budget cuts to vital services like schools, police and fire departments. (Source: Heartland Institute)
  • Nearly one in four Virginia doctors don’t accept new Medicaid patients. Medicaid expansion means longer wait times and destruction of the doctor-patient relationship. (Source: Health Affairs Journal)
  • Medicaid patients are almost twice as likely to die during surgery than individuals with private insurance. Medicaid expansion means that the folks who need the most help would get hurt the worst. (Source: University of Virginia Study)


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