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McDonnell Correctly Vetoes PBS Funding

May 04, 2011 J

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has used his line-item veto authority to strike $424,000 in taxpayer funding for public broadcasting. McDonnell had previously sought to reduce the spending twice, but the legislature approved the funds over his objections. The veto cannot be overridden.

Americans for Prosperity’s Virginia Director Trixie Averill issued the following statement:

“Despite reports to the contrary, Governor Bob McDonnell has not killed Big Bird. Neither has he silenced Elmo. He has simply made a common sense decision on state spending.

EPA: Unelected Bureaucrats Run Amok

April 28, 2011 J

Despite the Obama Administration’s claims to want to wean America from foreign sources of energy, the mounting evidence says otherwise. The same administration that has enacted a moratorium on new exploration, has promised Brazilians to be their best oil customer, and declared war on the energy industry generally, has now stooped to new levels.

Obama: The Audacity of “Nope”

April 19, 2011 J

“Now, one solution is making sure that we’re increasing production of U.S. oil. And we have actually continually increased U.S. production, so U.S. production is as high as it’s ever been.”

- President Barack Obama, Annandale, Virginia, April 19, 2011

AFP-VA Applauds Gov. McDonnell’s Government Streamline

April 13, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity’s Virginia chapter wholeheartedly endorses Governor Bob McDonnell’s approval of new legislation to reduce the size and scope of state government. The Governor signed 20 pieces of legislation that eliminated useless boards and commissions, ended certain unfunded mandates on localities, improved transparency and moved toward weeding out waste.

AFP-Virginia director Trixie Averill issued the following statement:

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