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AFP-VA: Tax Policy Should Not Pick Favorites

May 13, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity advocates a tax code that supports economic growth and is designed to generate revenue for the government, not one that picks winners and losers in the market. To that end, AFP supports a corporate tax code with low rates and few special provisions. To the extent that the code does include rules to reduce tax burdens, those rules should be broadly applied and available to all businesses, not targeted to one industry or sub-industry.

Americans for Prosperity Applauds U.S. Senate Candidate Jamie Radtke For Signing No Climate Tax Pledge

May 09, 2011 J

The Virginia chapter of the grassroots free market organization Americans for Prosperity (AFP-VA) today applauded U.S. Senate candidate Jamie Radtke for signing the group’s “No Climate Tax Pledge.” Radtke joins more than 500 bipartisan lawmakers and candidates on the federal, state and local levels pledging to “oppose legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.”

ACTION ALERT: Rally in Support of Virginia’s Challenge to ObamaCare

May 05, 2011 J

Now is the time to make sure your voice is heard as Americans for Prosperity fights against the onerous, expensive and unconstitutional federally mandated health care law!

Please come to our rally with AFP national President Tim Phillips and other proponents of the free market and lovers of liberty to support Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s challenge to ObamaCare as the case is heard in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals this coming Tuesday.

McDonnell Correctly Vetoes PBS Funding

May 04, 2011 J

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has used his line-item veto authority to strike $424,000 in taxpayer funding for public broadcasting. McDonnell had previously sought to reduce the spending twice, but the legislature approved the funds over his objections. The veto cannot be overridden.

Americans for Prosperity’s Virginia Director Trixie Averill issued the following statement:

“Despite reports to the contrary, Governor Bob McDonnell has not killed Big Bird. Neither has he silenced Elmo. He has simply made a common sense decision on state spending.

EPA: Unelected Bureaucrats Run Amok

April 28, 2011 J

Despite the Obama Administration’s claims to want to wean America from foreign sources of energy, the mounting evidence says otherwise. The same administration that has enacted a moratorium on new exploration, has promised Brazilians to be their best oil customer, and declared war on the energy industry generally, has now stooped to new levels.