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AFP-VA: Greenpeace Attacks Virginia Families, Jobs

June 21, 2011 J

RICHMOND - Americans for Prosperity – Virginia (AFP-VA) today rejected Greenpeace’s continued assault on Virginia families, job creation and economic growth in Virginia though a concerted misinformation campaign designed the stifle a legitimate business in the Commonwealth. As highlighted by Virginia Public Radio this week, the anti-business activist group is persistently ignoring the needs of the state, while simultaneously levying false claims against a local company, Mercury Paper.

Gas Prices: Running on Empty

June 15, 2011 J

There is no doubt that Obama Administration policies are artificially raising the price of oil, gasoline and other sources of energy.

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End the EPA Power Grab Completely

June 06, 2011 J

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should not just delay but outright end its greenhouse gas rules and other regulations designed to achieve a backdoor implementation of cap-and-trade. The American people decisively rejected energy taxes and rationing in the 2010 election, yet the administration has remaining committed to disregarding Congress and the American people.

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AFP-VA: Tax Policy Should Not Pick Favorites

May 13, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity advocates a tax code that supports economic growth and is designed to generate revenue for the government, not one that picks winners and losers in the market. To that end, AFP supports a corporate tax code with low rates and few special provisions. To the extent that the code does include rules to reduce tax burdens, those rules should be broadly applied and available to all businesses, not targeted to one industry or sub-industry.