Greetings From AFP-VA’s New State Director, Annie Celotto

December 04, 2013

I’m excited to greet you for the first time as the new State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Virginia! My good friend and colleague Dave Schwartz has moved on to start the AFP chapter in South Carolina – he will truly be missed!

I know many of our activists personally from my long time fighting for limited government in the Commonwealth, so I’ll keep my introduction short.

We’ve got a huge challenge on our hands with the incoming governor. He wants to expand Medicaid and implement ObamaCare, has a much different vision for how to spend your money (hint: he wants more of it), and in general will not be a big ally in the fight for economic freedom.

Well, we aren’t AFP activists because we fear a tough fight!

I’m looking forward to bringing my experience, relationships, and grassroots know-how to making our chapter the most effective opposition force in the Commonwealth. I’ve served as the Deputy State Director for the past two years. Prior to that, I worked for multiple campaigns both in Virginia and nationwide and in the office of Delegate Ben Cline and the campaign office of Congressman Bob Goodlatte. I’m a proud graduate of Liberty University and love calling the Commonwealth my home!

I’m here because I want to fight for the taxpayer in Virginia. I want to fight with – and for – YOU. My end goal is simple, really: I’m in it to make Virginia a better place.

When the governor and lawmakers propose bad policy, we’ll be there to challenge them. When they do the right thing, we’ll be there to encourage them. And often, we’ll be there to show them the way, proposing and advocating for robust, limited-government solutions to Virginia’s most pressing problems.

Whatever they do, we’ll be there.

I look forward to getting to know you more, soon.


Annie Celotto

Virginia State Director

Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Are you planning to attend the Donald Huffman Advance this weekend at the Homestead? If so, be sure to stop by AFP’s hospitality suite and sign our petition against Medicaid expansion. We’ll be giving away some great door prizes…ever heard of an iPad? Hope to see you there!

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