AFP-VA 2013 Legislative Agenda

January 22, 2013

                       2013 AFP-VA Legislative Agenda

Tax Reform

AFP-VA goal is to lessen the tax burden on families and businesses in VA.  We suggest reforms to  include reforming  the sales tax, elimination of the corporate tax, and reform of the income tax structure in Virginia.  We will continue to oppose government picking winners and losers through corporate welfare programs.


*Support SB692– Income tax, corporate; eliminates tax for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2014 .

*Oppose  SB767- Retail sales and transient occupancy taxes; taxes on room rentals based upon charges for use.

*Oppose SB717- Sources of revenue; establishing and adjusting for appropriations of State and its localities.

*Oppose SB970- Paper and plastic bags; imposes fee of $0.05 on those used by purchasers to carry tangible property.

*Support HB2001– General Assembly; no committee shall report any bill that creates a new refundable state tax credit.

*Oppose SB1094– Retail sales and transient occupancy taxes on room rentals.

Oppose HB1304– Income tax, corporate; credit for contracting with small or minority-owned, etc., business.

*Oppose HB1457– Reinstate the Estate Tax

Oppose HB149– Income tax, corporate; lower rate for certain businesses.

Oppose HB228– Income tax, corporate; credit for contracting with small or minority-owned businesses.

Oppose HB2219 Cigarette taxes; certain bond or irrevocable letter of credit requirements.

Oppose SB745 Income tax, corporate; lower rate for certain businesses.

Oppose HB2054 Sales and use tax exemption; property used for harvesting forest products.

Oppose HB2110– Coal and Gas Road Improvement Fund; construction of natural gas service lines.


School Choice


We are continuing to promote quality education  and education freedom for all Virginia’s children.  We support teacher tenure reform and merit based pay, looking at ways to improve educational tax credit legislation, and improving access to virtual learning.

*Support HB1555– Virginia State Virtual School; established as statewide school division

*Support SB935– Public schools; changes to teacher contracts and evaluation policies.

*Oppose SB1000– Removes Tax credits for donations to scholarships foundations

*Support SB1206– Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits changes


Right- to-Work

AFP-VA is committed to defending Virginia’s right-to-work status.

*Support HB1385– Labor organization representation; right to vote by secret ballot

Health Care Reform

Oppose a state health care insurance exchange implementation through legislation and any attempts to expand Medicaid.

*Oppose HB1664- State plan management partnership exchange; review and approval.

*Oppose SB924- Virginia Health Benefit Exchange; created.

*Oppose SB1329 – Medicaid expansion


Transportation Funding Challenges

We support making sure that the funds collected for roads are only used for transportation needs, not other pet projects. Additionally, we will oppose attempts to adjust the gas tax to inflation.  We look to support a plan that is revenue neutral and creates a steady stream of revenue to fix our ailing transportation infrastructure.

*Support HB1403– Retail Sales and Use Tax; increases amount of revenue dedicated to Transportation Trust Fund.

*Oppose HB1409– Motor fuels tax; converts rate of taxation from cents per gallon to a percentage rate.

*Oppose HB1438– Motor fuels tax; indexed.

*Oppose HB1472– Transportation funding and administration

*Oppose HB1888– Individual income tax and fuels taxes; adjusted for inflation.

*Oppose HB2224– Motor fuels tax; rate increase

*Support SJ275– Transportation Lock Box

*Oppose HB2313- Governor’s Transportation Plan

*Oppose SB1355- Governor’s Transportation Plan


Protection of Property Rights

*Support HB1430– Right to Farm Act; expands definition of agricultural operations

Support HB2223– Prevent infringement of private property rights under the United Nations Agenda 21

* These bills will be tracked in the 2012-2013 AFP-VA Freedom Defender Score Card

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