June 05, 2013

Month-long initiative spans 15 states

Arlington, VA – Today, Americans for Prosperity announces the launch of a major effort that urges lawmakers to support affordable energy and oppose a carbon tax – saying that any such tax would raise energy prices and hamper economic activity.  The online ad campaign kicks off with a budget of $175,000 and will run through June in 15 states.

The latest effort leverages AFP’s broad network of grassroots activists and enables them to send a message directly to their senator or representative. Activists will also be able to add their name to a petition that calls for free-market energy policy.

“Carbon taxes are bad for American industry and jobs,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. “They drive up utility bills and the cost of gasoline for American families and businesses, all while hurting job growth and driving business overseas. Deliberately driving up energy prices is a bad approach that slows economic activity.”

Over the next several weeks, the online ads will alert activists to urge their lawmakers to block carbon taxes, support domestic production, and get government out of the way of abundant, affordable energy sources. Senators Begich in Alaska, Udall in Colorado, and Hagen in North Carolina are specifically named for refusing to block a carbon tax, as are ten other representatives.

Americans for Prosperity has consistently shown why even a supposedly “revenue-neutral” carbon tax is not good policy, most recently in this rebuttal to a Wall Street Journal opinion piece.

The latest carbon tax ad effort is one of the broadest national efforts by AFP so far this year, and represents just the first wave in what will be ongoing efforts to support abundant, affordable energy.

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