AFP-VA Stands with Richmond Tea Party

November 30, 2011

Denounces unfair treatment of conservatives by Mayor Jones

RICHMOND – Americans for Prosperity – Virginia (AFP-VA) today stands beside their economic freedom allies at the Richmond Tea Party, who have been singled out for an audit after requesting fair treatment by the city. The Richmond Tea Party audit appears to be nothing more than retaliation for the conservative group seeking refunds of some $10,000 spent on rally permits and fees, arguing that Occupy Richmond activists have not been charged anything for their similar activities.

Audrey Jackson, AFP-VA State Director said, “Once again Mayor Jones is exempting the Richmond Occupy group, but requiring more red tape by those of us who follow the law and pay for the use of public services. The taxpayers of Richmond should be disappointed with their city government officials and contact Mayor Jones and tell him to treat all residents equally. Mayor Jones should end the audit and either refund the fees paid by the Richmond Tea Party or provide Occupy Richmond with a bill for the cost of cleanup and removal from their recent activities.”

Last month, the Richmond Tea Party asked the city to reimburse about $10,000 in fees that were paid for its Tax Day rallies held at the city’s Kanawha Plaza. This was following the Occupy Richmond group who illegally squatted on the property for two weeks without permits, leaving the taxpayers with a bill for nearly $17,000. Even still, the Occupy group continues to camp in the yard adjacent to Mayor Jones home, again another zoning-ordinance violation, without response from the City. Mayor Jones has met with representatives of Occupy Richmond, but ignores meeting requests with the Richmond Tea Party.

It’s extremely disheartening that the hundreds of Virginian taxpayers who followed the rules and purchased every required permit and license are singled out for hostile treatment, while groups with different philosophies are given an exemption to those laws and requirements.”

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