Rep. Goodlatte Joins Commonwealth Officials In Jobs Fight Against Greenpeace

November 21, 2011

Elected officials’ support escalates for Mercury Paper’s contribution to Virginia jobs

Americans for Prosperity – Virginia (AFP-VA) is applauding Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA-6) for being the latest elected official to take a stand against Greenpeace’s vicious attempts to destroy jobs in the Commonwealth. In a letter to the CEOs of Costco, Food Lion, Kmart, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Safeway, Target and Wal-Mart, Rep. Goodlatte called on the businesses to resist a Greenpeace-led smear campaign to stop the retailers from buying goods from the Mercury Paper Company, a business that has recently invested $21 million in Strasburg, VA.

With hundreds of Virginians’ jobs on the line, Rep. Goodlatte joins Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling (R-VA) and now State Delegate Todd Gilbert (R-VA 15) and Strasburg Mayor Timothy Taylor in taking action, calling on the American retailer CEOs to reject Greenpeace’s coercive tactics and maintain their business relationships with Mercury. Facing the possibility that some of these retailers capitulate and stop buying paper goods from Mercury, concerns are mounting that Strasburg could be facing devastating job losses because of an attack by Greenpeace.

“It is my understanding that Greenpeace spreads questionable information about a company’s business products in a way that attracts media attention and scares other companies and the public from doing business with these companies. The result has been to jeopardize jobs and job creation in the Sixth Congressional District of Virginia,” wrote U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA 6).

“We hope you will stand with us and our constituents in the face of this growing opposition from radical environmentalists. We must continue to encourage job growth by promoting friendly economic conditions for companies to expand and prosper. Mercury has recognized this, and we cannot, therefore, be in the business of letting anti-Virginian activists damper job creation,” wrote Delegate C. Todd Gilbert (R-VA 15).

“Mercury Paper Company has a long standing reputation as an important provider of high quality, low cost paper products. I know Mercury Paper to be a quality company and an outstanding corporate citizen of not only Strasburg, but the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. Since beginning their operations in Virginia, Mercury Paper has invested in the Strasburg area and they now employ more than 150 people. They have contributed to the local community in numerous other ways via donations and involvement in local events,” wrote Strasburg Mayor Timothy F. Taylor.

This mounting resistance to Greenpeace’s smears is evidence that Virginians will not be bullied into surrendering jobs and economic prosperity by radical environmentalists. Despite its reputation as an outstanding corporate citizen across the entire Commonwealth, Mercury Paper still finds itself under attack by Greenpeace, an organization that cares little about jobs or economic security, but is instead motivated by extremist ideology.

“After Lieutenant Governor Bolling sent out a letter to these CEOs urging them to resist Greenpeace’s smear campaign, I am delighted that Rep. Goodlatte, Delegate Gilbert and Mayor Taylor have all followed suit and called on these retailers to protect jobs in Virginia from this extreme agenda. In this economic climate we can ill afford to simply stand by and let radical environmental groups dictate the terms and conditions of doing business in our Commonwealth,” said Audrey Jackson, state director of AFP-VA.

“It’s extremely heartening that when hundreds of Virginians’ livelihoods are on the line, Virginians can look to their elected officials at the federal, Commonwealth and municipal levels to fight for jobs and preserve a business climate amenable to investment and job creation.”

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