AFP-VA Applauds Lt. Governor Bolling for Standing Up for Virginia Jobs in the Face of Greenpeace Threats

November 02, 2011

Greenpeace attacks prompt strong defense of Virginia employer from Lt. Governor Bill Bolling

Americans for Prosperity – Virginia applauds the leadership of Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling following his letter to national retailers to support a Virginian paper company in the face of a smear campaign by Greenpeace. The letter, which was sent to the CEOs of Costco, Food Lion, Kmart, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Safeway, Target and Wal-Mart called on the retailers to reject Greenpeace’s attacks and to show support for their customers and suppliers by standing with Mercury Paper, the company targeted in the smear campaign. Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s action joins the nearly 500 Virginians who have recently sent letters to the CEO’s urging the retailers to denounce Greenpeace’s threats and to stand by Mercury Paper.

“It is my understanding that Greenpeace, an activist environmental organization, has launched a campaign to undermine your relationship with Mercury Paper Company, a corporate citizen of Strasburg, Virginia. I am writing to advise you of our strong support of Mercury Paper Company. Mercury Paper Company has a long standing reputation as an important provider of high quality, low cost paper products. It is unfortunate that their reputation has been unfairly and inaccurately attacked by Greenpeace. However, this is nothing new. Greenpeace has a well known reputation for providing misinformation in an effort to impose its ideological beliefs on the policies of major American retailers,” wrote Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling in his letter.

The letter follows months of fierce attacks by this out-of-state activist organization against the Mercury Paper’s facility in Strasburg, VA, where the company employs 150 people and has invested more than $21 million. In a statement AFP-VA’s Director lent support to Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s support for the people of Virginia in the face of Greenpeace’s misinformation campaign, calling on the retailers to demonstrate their commitment for the welfare of Virginia’s communities and reject Greenpeace’s extreme agenda.

“Not content with having burdened industry with baseless smear campaigns everywhere in the world, Greenpeace has now intruded into our state with job-killing activism. And while Greenpeace-backed activists ‘occupy’ Wall Street, Virginia’s job creators such as Mercury Paper are being attacked for earning a living and providing for their families. Fortunately, Lieutenant Governor Bolling recognizes this and rightly supported Mercury in the face of these threats,” said Trixie Averill, state director of AFP-VA.

“Greenpeace’s campaign is an attack against our fundamental belief in the right of every American to provide for their families and contribute to the productivity of this country. With Americans already suffering under the excesses of the socialist Obama administration, Virginia’s elected officials should not tolerate attempts by Greenpeace to drive businesses from the Commonwealth.

“Walmart, Food Lion, Target and others cannot afford to capitulate to the demands of Greenpeace. Every other company that has succumbed to the demands of the organization has lived to regret it. Virginia deserves better than what Greenpeace is offering – distortions to advance its negative agenda. Companies like Mercury Paper need to be supported. We call on all the CEOs being threatened by Greenpeace to stand with Lieutenant Governor Bolling and the people of Virginia in rejecting the organization’s agenda.”

Last summer, Mercury Paper Inc. opened its new U.S. headquarters in Strasburg, VA. Since then, Greenpeace has relentlessly lobbied to close down the plant. With Virginia still trying to escape the economic malaise created by burdensome regulations and mandates from Washington, D.C., the extra layer of stagnation Greenpeace desires would be disastrous to the Commonwealth’s economy. In addition to the hundreds of jobs Mercury Paper is providing, both directly to its employees and also to other local businesses, the company invested over $21 million to construct its new facility. It is this type of activity that will get Virginia back on its feet.

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