Tell Sen. Roscoe Reynolds To Stop Supporting Higher Taxes and Opposing Energy Independence

October 14, 2011

Sen. Roscoe Reynolds (20th District) has served in the Virginia General Assembly – either in the House of Delegates or the Senate – since Ronald Reagan was president. In that time, Sen. Reynolds has embraced fiscal policies harmful to Virginia families, employers and taxpayers in general.

In addition to supporting the largest tax increase in Virginia history in 2004, Reynolds advocated or voted for a variety of anti-taxpayer and job-killing policies, including:

* Raising income taxes on senior citizens
* Raising the tax on gasoline
* Raising sales taxes paid by employers
* Raising the statewide sales tax and allowing localities to do the same
* Raising vehicle registration fees
* Implementing an Internet sales tax
* Diverting sales tax revenue to fund a baseball stadium in Richmond
*Opposing elimination of the death tax

Sen. Reynolds took all of these positions despite having signed the taxpayer protection pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform.

Sen. Reynolds also opposes Virginia’s quest to use its own natural resources to achieve energy independence, while also creating jobs. He stood with then-Governor Mark Warner in blocking Virginia from working with its Congressional delegation to lift the ban on exploration for oil and natural gas off its own coast. The exploration for and production of those natural resources would result in ongoing royalties for Virginia, leading to much-needed jobs and funding for important state and local transportation and infrastructure needs.

Finally, and inexplicably, Sen. Reynolds has publicly praised President Obama’s failed stimulus package, which futilely spent nearly a trillion dollars of taxpayer money to largely support big labor unions and other special interests which are in opposition to the workings of the free market. The results of the stimulus “effort” are clear, as national unemployment still hovers over 9-percent.

Please join Americans for Prosperity-Virginia in telling Senator Reynolds that he should renounce his high-tax, big government ways. The only true path back to economic prosperity lies through economic liberty and the free market. Call Senator Reynolds’ office today at (276) 638-2315 and tell him to support Virginia’s working families, not policies that raise taxes and kill jobs.

Americans for Prosperity is a nonpartisan organization and does not support or oppose candidates for public office. Americans for Prosperity wholeheartedly believes that when politicians feel the heat, they see the light. Citizens are encouraged to support free markets and individual liberty before policy makers and make a difference for freedom and prosperity.

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