Tell Sen. Edd Houck To Stop Supporting Higher Taxes and Opposing Energy Independence

October 12, 2011

Over the past 28 years, Sen. Edd Houck (17th District) has supported a number of tax increases that have hurt Virginia’s working families. In addition to supporting the largest tax increase in Virginia history in 2004, Houck advocated or voted for a variety of anti-taxpayer policies, including:

* Gasoline Tax Increase
* Higher Sales Taxes Paid by Businesses
* Internet Sales Tax
* State and Local Sales Tax Increase
* Dedication of Sales Tax Revenue for a Richmond Baseball Stadium
* Titling Tax for Vehicles

Sen. Houck has also been an opponent of Virginia’s efforts to achieve energy independence and explore for our own natural resources at home:

* Houck voted against even studying lifting the ban on mining uranium in Virginia, despite the presence of what is believed to be the largest deposit in the nation in Southside Virginia. The extraction of the uranium would bring jobs and commerce to Virginia and supply fuel for electricity generation.

* Houck opposed lifting the federal ban on exploration for oil and natural gas off Virginia’s coast line. He voted to uphold then-Governor Mark Warner’s veto of a bill that would have called on Virginia to work with its Congressional Delegation to lift the ban and allow Virginia to reap the benefits of the resulting royalties. Studies have indicated that the production of those natural resources would create thousands of jobs in Virginia.

Join Americans for Prosperity-Virginia in telling Senator Houck that enough is enough! At this point in our economic history, Virginians simply cannot stand more taxes and roadblocks to progress. Call Senator Houck’s office today at (540) 786-2782 and tell him to support Virginia’s working families, not policies that raise taxes and kill jobs.

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