Sen. Edwards (D-21st District): Conservative Government? No Way!

September 07, 2011

Virginia State Senator John Edwards of Roanoke, unchallenged in the general election since 1999, has come out forcefully against a conservative form of governance, despite mounting concerns about the growth of government, both in Richmond and in Washington, D.C.

Edwards told the Roanoke Times that he feels that “moderate” governing is best and believes the Senate should remain as it is, in order to prevent conservative approaches of government to take hold.

AFP-Virginia state director Trixie Averill today issued the following statement:

“It’s telling that John Edwards likes things the way they are in the Senate. As it stands now, he and his liberal allies can thwart attempts to streamline government and save the taxpayers money.

“The state budget has doubled in the past decade, and the demands of entitlement programs will soon put even greater strain on limited taxpayer resources. That Sen. Edwards would so openly oppose conservative strategies indicates where his true heart is – he is for raising taxes on citizens who are already struggling under the difficult economy.

“Governor McDonnell has done an excellent job in balancing the budget without raising taxes, but he will need additional assistance in the coming two years. Senators like John Edwards would do a better service to the people by finding ways to cut spending and reduce the scope of government, rather than offering the same liberal dogma of ‘raise taxes, spend more.’

“What we need are legislators who see that the path back to prosperity lies in cutting spending, reducing government interference, and freeing up the private sector to innovate and create jobs.”

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