AFP-VA: Earthquake Proves Viability of Nuclear Energy

August 25, 2011

Virginia Nuclear Plants Safety Protocols Work Perfectly

Much of Virginia trembled this week with the great Earthquake of 2011, including our nuclear power plants in Virginia. As news reports have confirmed, every single safety protocol worked. There was never a threat to the safety, or the electric capacity, of the people of central Virginia.

Wild-eyed environmentalists will fire skyrockets about this incident, which was but a movement of the earth, but the more calm among us will understand it for what it was: it was a seismic event, and had nothing to do with global warming.

In fact, the reaction of the safety personnel in Virginia underscored the validity and value of nuclear power.

We at Americans for Prosperity – Virginia support nuclear energy, and indeed, an increased use of it.

While fear-mongers who use scare tactics about energy and would rather revert to 15th Century technology are happy about earthquakes such as this, because it advances their cause of tearing down modern society, we would rather use this as an example of why nuclear power is viable and valuable.

The United States of America hasn’t built a nuclear plant in a generation. We’re paying for it now, just as will our grand children.

This administration is unprecedented in its opposition to the coal industry, the oil industry, the gas industry and the nuclear industry. In short, Barack Obama wants energy prices to rise.

Please join us to oppose efforts to curtail American excellence.

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