AFP-VA Applauds House Passage of Cut, Cap & Balance

July 20, 2011

Bill Cuts Spending, Caps Budgets, Initiates Balanced Budget Amendment Process

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed, on a 234-190 vote, the Cut, Cap & Balance proposal, which would reduce spending, limit federal budgets, and begin the process to amend the Constitution to require a balanced budget.

AFP-Virginia state director Trixie Averill today issued the following statement:

“Never before has this country been in such dire financial straits. Cut, Cap and Balance is a reasonable, responsible approach to righting the fiscal ship and AFP-Virginia urges Senators Warner and Webb to support it when it arrives in the Senate.

“We applaud our Virginia members of Congress who voted for the bill, and wonder why there are some who simply do not think cutting spending is feasible. There are, of course, some members in Virginia and elsewhere who opposed the bill because they are against raising the debt ceiling for any reason. We certainly understand and respect that position, however we do feel that Cut, Cap and Balance is the most realistic approach to solving the economic crisis that has yet been proposed.

“It’s pretty amusing – yet disconcerting – that President Obama has said that we don’t need an amendment to the Constitution to make those in Washington do their jobs. Perhaps he hasn’t been paying attention, but Americans know that he and his liberal acolytes have exploded the debt and only plan to pay for it with more tax increases. If they were doing their jobs, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.”

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