AFP-VA: Tax Policy Should Not Pick Favorites

May 13, 2011

Americans for Prosperity advocates a tax code that supports economic growth and is designed to generate revenue for the government, not one that picks winners and losers in the market. To that end, AFP supports a corporate tax code with low rates and few special provisions. To the extent that the code does include rules to reduce tax burdens, those rules should be broadly applied and available to all businesses, not targeted to one industry or sub-industry.

Energy tax policy is especially ripe for market distortions, backroom deals and special treatment for political allies. AFP supports the elimination of tax code provisions that are designed to advantage one entity over another and opposes creation of new provisions with a similar effect. Additionally, AFP opposes using the tax code to attack oil and natural gas producers that are simply using the same tax deductions that are broadly available to everyone else, just because these energy producers are politically unpopular.

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