Stand with Gov. McDonnell Against ObamaCare-Lite

March 31, 2011

Governor Bob McDonnell has offered amendments to controversial legislation mandating insurance coverage for children with autism. The governor’s amendments appear designed to make the bill less burdensome on employers who would fall under the coverage requirements.

Americans for Prosperity’s Virginia Director Trixie Averill today issued the following statement:

“Americans for Prosperity, along with most Virginians, stood in clear opposition to the federal mandate that all citizens purchase health insurance under ObamaCare. Though children afflicted with autism present heart-rending stories, the same principles are at work as we oppose this specifically required insurance coverage by employers.

“At a time when businesses are struggling to remain viable and retain or add employees, the last thing government should do is add new financial burdens to their plights. The issue of autism care itself sounds noble in theory and purpose, but is an obstacle for the free market, economic growth and job creation in practice.

“While we still oppose mandates of this sort, we nonetheless commend the governor’s attempt to make this legislation less intrusive and burdensome on employers, while at the same time helping the victims of this tragic disease. We urge the General Assembly to approve the changes.”

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