AFP-VA Legisaltive Agenda

January 26, 2012

2012 Policy Agenda

Support a Virginia budget which will include no tax increases, reduces spending levels and suggest various program cuts:

• Elimination of redundant state agencies and commissions all while making government smaller and more efficient. (SJ66 / HJ49)

• State pension (VRS) reform (HB1129 / HB1130)

Support Property Rights:

• A Constitutional Amendment to protect private property. (SJ3 / HJ3)

• Makes incorporation of urban development areas optional rather than mandatory. Any locality that has previously adopted urban development areas may, and upon voter petition shall, reconsider such action. (SB 274 / HB92 / HB794 / HB869)

• Allow landowners to hunt on their own property on Sundays. Also, this bill would allow persons who have the written permission of the landowner to hunt on the landowner’s property on Sundays. (SB173 / HB369)

Oppose Implementation of Health Care Exchanges in Virginia:

• Part of the federal mandates of Obamacare, Virginia has until 2014 to implement a Health Care Exchange. Typically “exchanges” harness the power of free-market competition, transparency and value comparison to drive innovation, increase choice, and reduce costs. However, when a health plan’s participation in the exchange is conditioned on page-after-page of federal mandates and restrictions, exchanges can also be used as a tool to expand bureaucratic control and micromanage the market. (SB 496 / HB357 / HB402 / HB464)

Protect Right to Work in Virginia:

• Prevent funding to go to projects involving Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) that favor union shops over merit business contracts. AFP-VA Virginia opposes public dollars allocated to projects requiring PLAs. (SB242 / HB2 / HB33/ HB627)

Promote Education Freedom for Virginia Families:

• Legislation to create a tax credit for corporations to donate scholarships for children of low-income families. (SB241 / HB321)

• Establish an annual contract and evaluation process versus the current continuing contract practice for teachers and principals. AFP-VA hopes that a new evaluation system will work to attract and retaining the top-tier educators in our K-12 public schools. Seventeen other states have already made changes to their contract and tenure laws. (SB438 / HB576)

• Further legislative reforms to make Charter schools more accessible to families. (SB440 / HB1173 / HB1179 )

• Establish new regulations for accrediting and funding virtual schools. (HB578 / HB1215 / SB598)

• Encourage more effective use of taxpayer dollars on education. (HB250)

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