Legislative Alerts

Early Voting is Underway in Texas

October 27, 2015J

We at Americans for Prosperity-Texas aren’t attempting to tell you how to vote, but want to make sure you know that elections are underway in the Lone Star State.  The last day of early voting is Friday, October 30 for the November 3rd election.  Voters are being asked to consider changes to the state constitution.  […]

Legislators Drove a Stake in the Heart of the Texas Death Tax

September 01, 2015

Ronald Reagan famously said that the nearest thing to eternal life is a government program. If that is the case, a tax generally does have eternal life. But not so in Texas. Texans have reason to celebrate today. The Texas death tax officially died. Texas has had an estate tax (known as a “death tax”) […]

Texas Senator Requests Study of Houston City Officials Practices

August 30, 2015

Texas Senator Paul Bettencourt is asking for an interim study on the City of Houston practices which mislead the public on taxation. In a strongly-worded press release, Bettencourt has asked Lt Gov. Dan Patrick to issue an interim charge calling for a study concerning the City of Houston’s use of deceptive ballot language and continual […]

Texas Voters Will See $8.7 Billion in Local Bond Initiatives on the Nov 3 Ballot

August 28, 2015

Texas taxpayers will be asked to consider more local government debt as they go to the polls on November 3. A total of 46 entities are asking taxpayers to approve $8.7 billion in new government debt.  Most bond initiatives will require property tax increases.  When you see “Bond initiative” think “property tax increase.” The largest bond […]

AFP Participates in School Finance Lawsuit in Texas

AFP Participates in School Finance Lawsuit in Texas: Not More Money for Education, but More Education for our Money Starting September 1, the Texas Supreme Court is hearing a case that could impact the over 5 million students in Texas K-12 schools, as well as the more than 650,000 employees.  And AFP is weighing in.  […]