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Did your legislator vote against choice today?

April 04, 2013 J

There are currently over 315,000 children trapped in over 500 failing schools in our state. Yet, today 103 of our Texas House members voted in support of Representative Abel Herrero’s anti-school choice amendment (#95) to Senate Bill 1 (State Budget).

Amendment 95 reads:

“Use of Appropriated Funds for School Vouchers or to Support Tax-Credit Scholarships Prohibited. Money appropriated to the Texas Education Agency by this Act may not be used to pay for or support school vouchers or scholarships for private primary or secondary education provided by non-profit entities using donations received from entities that receive tax credits as a result of the donations.”

Did your legislator vote against school choice today?

RV# 169Unofficial Totals: 103 Yeas, 43 Nays, 1 Present, not voting

YEAS (Votes Against School Choice)
Allen, Alma (D); Alonzo, Roberto (D); Alvarado, Carol (D); Anchia, Rafael (D); Ashby, Trenton (R); Aycock, Jimmie Don (R); Bell, Cecil (R); Bonnen, Dennis (R); Burkett, Cindy (R); Burnam, Lon (D); Callegari, Bill (R); Canales, Terry (D); Clardy, Travis (R); Coleman, Garnet (D); Collier, Nicole (D); Cook, Byron (R); Cortez, Philip (D); Craddick, Tom (R); Darby, Drew (R); Davis, Sarah (R); Davis, Yvonne (D); Deshotel, Joe (D); Dukes, Dawnna (D); Dutton, Harold (D); Eiland, Craig (D); Farias, Joe (D); Farney, Marsha (R); Farrar, Jessica (D); Frullo, John (R); Geren, Charlie (R); Giddings, Helen (D); González, Mary (D); Gonzalez, Naomi (D); Guerra, Bobby (D); Guillen, Ryan (D); Gutierrez, Roland (D); Harper-Brown, Linda (R); Hernandez Luna, Ana (D); Herrero, Abel (D); Howard, Donna (D); Huberty, Dan (R); Hunter, Todd (R); Johnson, Eric (D); Kacal, Kyle (R); Keffer, Jim (R); King, Ken (R); King, Susan (R); King, Tracy (D); Klick, Stephanie (R); Kolkhorst, Lois (R); Kuempel, John (R); Lewis, Tryon (R); Longoria, Oscar (D); Lozano, Jose (R); Lucio III, Eddie (D); Márquez, Marisa (D); Martinez, Armando (D); Martinez Fischer, Trey (D); McClendon, Ruth (D); Menéndez, Jose (D); Miles, Borris (D); Miller, Doug (R); Moody, Joe (D); Muñoz, Sergio (D); Naishtat, Elliott (D); Nevárez, Poncho (D); Oliveira, Rene (D); Orr, Rob (R); Otto, John (R); Paddie, Chris (R); Patrick, Diane (R); Perez, Mary Ann (D); Perry, Charles (R); Phillips, Larry (R); Pickett, Joe (D); Pitts, Jim (R); Price, Four (R); Ratliff, Bennett (R); Raymond, Richard (D); Reynolds, Ron (D); Rodriguez, Eddie (D); Rodriguez, Justin (D); Rose, Toni (D); Sheets, Kenneth (R); Sheffield, J.D (R); Sheffield, Ralph (R); Simpson, David (R); Smith, Wayne (R); Smithee, John (R); Springer, Drew (R); Stephenson, Phil (R); Strama, Mark (D); Thompson, Senfronia (D); Turner, Chris (D); Turner, Sylvester (D); Villalba, Jason (R); Villarreal, Mike (D); Vo, Hubert (D); Walle, Armando (D); White, James (R); Workman, Paul (R); Wu, Gene (D); Zerwas, John (R)

NAYS (Votes For School Choice)
Anderson, Doc (R); Bohac, Dwayne (R); Bonnen, Greg (R); Branch, Dan (R); Button, Angie (R); Capriglione, Giovanni (R); Creighton, Brandon (R); Crownover, Myra (R); Dale, Tony (R); Davis, John (R); Elkins, Gary (R); Fallon, Pat (R); Fletcher, Allen (R); Flynn, Dan (R); Frank, James (R); Goldman, Craig (R); Gonzales, Larry (R); Harless, Patricia (R); Hughes, Bryan (R); Isaac, Jason (R); King, Phil (R); Kleinschmidt, Tim (R); Krause, Matt (R); Larson, Lyle (R); Laubenberg, Jodie (R); Lavender, George (R); Leach, Jeff (R); Miller, Rick (R); Morrison, Geanie (R); Murphy, Jim (R); Parker, Tan (R); Raney, John (R); Riddle, Debbie (R); Ritter, Allan (R); Sanford, Scott (R); Schaefer, Matt (R); Simmons, Ron (R); Stickland, Jonathan (R); Taylor, Van (R); Thompson, Ed (R); Toth, Steve (R); Turner, Scott (R); Zedler, Bill (R)

Present, not voting – Mr. Speaker(C)

Absent, Excused – Gooden, Lance (R)

Absent – Carter, Stefani (R); Hilderbran, Harvey (R)

 The House Journal record vote can be found here: http://www.journals.house.state.tx.us/hjrnl/83r/pdf/83RDAY44FINAL.PDF#page=80

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