Obamacare affecting all Texans adversely

According to a study by the Manhattan Institute (http://www.manhattan-institute.org/knowyourrates/), Texans of both genders and regardless of age have been losers with regards to health care insurance premiums paid before and after the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA – aka Obamacare).  The premium hikes range from 5.9 % for females age […]

Just Exempt Us All and Repeal the Law

February 10, 2014J

It’s official – the Obama Administration has exempted or delayed yet another segment of the population.  They are exempting mid-size businesses until 2016 and giving big businesses more time.  No surprise, as the business community has been vocal in their opposition to ObamaCare mandates.   The Treasury Department said employers with fewer than 100 workers won’t […]

Welcome to Day 2 of ObamaCare

Welcome to Day 2 of ObamaCare Here is a quick overview from our national policy experts regarding ObamaCare implementation over the last few weeks. Americans for Prosperity continues to look for stories from our activists who are adversely affected by ObamaCare. Did you lose your insurance, lose your doctor, or have premiums increases? If so, […]

Obama Wants a Seat at Your Thanksgiving Table

November 26, 2013J

It appears Obama wants a seat at your Thanksgiving table.  He wants to encourage families to “have the talk”…about health insurance.  President Obama’s grassroots campaigners, operating as Organizing for America, has put out a call – and ads – encouraging YOU to use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to pressure young people in your family to […]

ObamaCare a failure; let people decide coverage

ObamaCare a failure; let people decide coverage By Peggy Venable   The  following op-ed appeared in today’s Austin American-Statesman as a point-counterpoint on the issue of ObamaCare.  The op ed supporting ObamaCare headline reads: “With law (ObamaCare), US is on road to universal care.”  WOW!  What an admission.  So if you like the ObamaCare roll-out […]