Texas is No 1 Again

September 16, 2014J

This time, Texas tops the 50 State Index of Energy Regulation issued by the Pacific Research Institute. The index does not include federal regulations as all states must comply with those, but only includes state regulations. States can regulate utilities, gas stations, motor vehicle fuels and the level of energy consumption. However, regulations are changing in response […]

Why Energy Costs Are Going Up

September 15, 2014J

The Energy Research Institute has issued a new compilation of the 109 federal actions & regs issued during the President Obama Administration that will drive up costs & access to affordable, reliable energy. The Executive Acted: Obama’s Roadmap to Expensive Energy chronicles some of the actions President Obama has taken to increase energy prices and to […]

New Report: Fracking is a big Benefits to Consumers

June 27, 2012J

A group of Yale economics graduates, many of them energy industry executives, led by Yale Professor Emeritus Paul W. MacAvoy, were curious about whether they could quantify the economic benefit that shale gas has on America. So they recently set out to do a cost-benefit analysis, valuing and balancing the pros against the cons. As […]