Study Finds Texas Business Climate Best in Nation

by Rudy Takala A report released last week assessing state business climates placed Texas at the top nationally, giving the state a grade of A+. The study, conducted by the Kauffman Foundation and Thumbtack and reported on in The Economist, examined state business climates by looking at a combination of tax rates, regulatory environment and […]

Do the ends justify the means?

February 26, 2012J

They do if you are Pastor Patrick Payton.

Midland’s Stonegate Fellowship Pastor Patrick Payton — who heads the largest church in the area, with about 5,000 members – is the most vocal bond proponent.

His tactics have drawn fire…as they should.

Pastor Peyton was on CBS 7 News speaking at a recent school board meeting. He proposed a “controlled rebellion” and said “if it means breaking rules and getting in trouble, let’s break rules and get in trouble” to pass the bond initiative.

The comments were captured on video, on the evening news and now the center of focus for West Texas radio talk show host and citizen watchdog Jason Moore. He posted the video on his Facebook –

Oops! We had a major typo

February 23, 2012J

Today, our members received our weekly update. I had a typo in the update and want to set the record straight. Here is the corrected item:

Scaring conservatives all over the state!

We at Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Texas have launched our Economic Freedom Tour. I’ve already traveled 2,216 miles on this new tour, with thousands of miles to go across this great state.
The facts are startling: America is in a free-fall and has declined from #2 to #10 on the economic freedom rankings is on the way to #15 to #20.

We can stop that free fall – schedule us to give the Economic Freedom presentation to your group and we’ll explain how.

Director’s communication to RRISD Board Members

February 15, 2012J

As a resident of Round Rock ISD, I have a stake in the District’s decisions. The board is meeting tomorrow night to vote on school boundaries and the Superintendent is slated to discuss a new bond initiative. Here is the communications I sent to board members:

RRISD Board Members,

We will have someone at the meeting on Thursday. I hope that the kids’ best interests are first and foremost in your minds as you vote on the ISD boundary issue and each of the issues on your agenda. I will be out of town or I would be attending myself.

I am mindful of the controversy surrounding the board and want to remind you that voters are expecting you to act in the kids’, parents’ and taxpayers’ best interest. Personal politics should not enter into the important decisions you make on the board.

We cannot spend our way to prosperity

February 09, 2012J

Date Posted: February 9, 2012
Authored by: Peggy Venable

[img_assist|nid=26414|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=288|height=300]In an address June, 2011, President Obama said, “Of course, there’s been a real debate about where to invest and where to cut, and I’m committed to working with members of both parties to cut our deficits and debt. But we can’t simply cut our way to prosperity.”

Pete Sorenson, an Oregon local official – Lane County commissioner said recently: “Whatever the ultimate solution to our county funding issues, history has taught us that we can’t cut our way to prosperity.” Sorenson, a former Congressional aid and former State Senator, is a Democrat in a liberal state.