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A Case Where Saving Money Could Cost You More

November 25, 2014

Local taxing entities would not need to provide voters with notice in the local newspaper of an upcoming tax increase or bond initiative if HB 139 introduced by Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-92) becomes law. Under the proposed legislation, local entities would be required to provide the Texas Comptroller of Public Account’s office with notice, which […]

Issues: Budget & Spending

AFP Testimony: Senate Education Committee Hearing Nov. 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Senate Education Committee Hearing November 17, 2014 Testimony by Peggy Venable Americans for Prosperity Foundation-Texas One-tenth of the nation’s K-12 students go to school in Texas today and we are challenged with providing them the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Education is the springboard to a fulfilling, productive and prosperous life. Texas is in […]

Issues: Labor, Education & Pensions

Newly Released Index Puts Texas in Top 10 – Again

October 29, 2014

Texas again makes the top 10 states with the best state business tax climate in an index released by the Tax Foundation.  None of our neighboring states made the top 10 list and Florida is the only other large state which made that list. While taxes are a fact of life, not all tax systems […]

Issues: Taxes

Light Rail in Austin: Will Voters Give it the Green Light?

October 20, 2014

Light rail is on the ballot Nov. 4 in Austin.  The question for voters is whether or not the bond is affordable and appropriately addresses the traffic congestion. Early voting is underway now as Austinites assess the value of Prop 1, the urban (light) rail referendum. Most residents – and likely all commuters – would […]

Issues: Budget & Spending