Who Opposed Local Government Transparency? You Have A Right To Know

June 20, 2013

Cities, counties and school districts along with their associations officially opposed a good government bill which would have provided taxpayer transparency in local government debt. The bill, HB 14 and SB 14, failed to pass in the 2013 Texas legislative session. Taxpayers deserve to know who opposed the bill and what local taxing entities used taxpayer dollars to fight transparency.

The fact is – every local government in Texas which belongs to the Texas Association of Counties, the Texas Municipal League or the Texas Association of School Boards provided funding to those organizations, and those organizations fought local government transparency.

WITNESS LIST for those who signed in opposing local government debt transparency.
HB 14 hearing March 18, testifying against:

Allison, Jim – (County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas)
Burroughs, Mark – (City of Denton)
Chandler, Clayton – (City of Mansfield)
Clark, Lisa – (Self; Texas Association of Builders)
Cohen, Howard – (Schwartz, Page & Harding L.L.P.)
Hernandez, James – (Bond Counsel to Harris County and Harris County Toll Road Authority)
Lancaster, Brad – (Fast Growth School Coalition and Lake Travis ISD)
Lee, Donald – (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)
Leuschel, Jeff – (Self)
Longley, Bill – (Texas Municipal League)
Maxwell, David – (Assoc of Water Board Directors)
Phillis, Peter – (City of Mansfield, Texas)
Rundell, Mick – (Self; City of Georgetown)
Scarth, Danny -(City of Fort Worth)
Simpson, Terry – (San Patricio County)
Streater, Joy – (County District Clerks Assn)
Underwood, Byron – (Texas Assoc. of Counties)
Van Eenoo, Ed – (Self; City of Austin)
Wilcox, James – (Texas association of school boards, Texas Association of School Administrators, Texas School Alliance)

On the Senate side, testifying AGAINST:
Allison, Jim General Counsel -(County Judges and Commissioners Assoc. of TX), Austin,
Burroughs, Mark – Mayor (City of Denton)
Chandler, Clayton W. – City Manager (City of Mansfield)
Cohen, Howard Attorney – (also providing written testimony) (Schwartz, Page & Harding,
L.L.P.), Houston, TX
Hernandez, James – Attorney, Bond Counsel (Harris County and Harris County Toll Road
Lee, Donald – Executive Director (Texas Conference of Urban Counties), Austin, TX
Leuschel, Jeff Attorney – (McCall Parkhurst & Horton), Dallas, TX
Longley, Bill Legal Counsel – (also providing written testimony) (Texas Municipal League),
Austin, TX
Masterson, Harry Developer – (Texas Association of Builders), Austin, TX
Maxwell, David – (Assoc. of Water Board Directors (President)), SA, TX
Rue, Karen – Superintendent, Northwest ISD (Fast Growth School Coalition), Ft. Worth, TX
Scarth, Danny – City Council Member (City of Fort Worth), Fort Worth
Simpson, Terry – County Judge (San Patricio County), Sinton, TX
Underwood, Byron – Cherokee County Commissioner (Texas Assoc of Counties), Rusk, TX
West, Steve – CFO Georgetown ISD (TASB TASA Texas School Alliance), Georgetown,

Registering against but not testifying at the Senate hearing:

Carr, Snapper – Attorney (Andrews County), Austin
Carr, Snapper – Attorney (City of Sugar Land), Austin, TX
Halbert, Wayne – General Manager Harlingen Irrigation District (Texas Irrigation Council),
San Benito, TX
Hale, Angela – Govt. Affairs Consultant (City of McKinney)
Hord, Roger – business manager (West Houston Association), Houston
Hughes, Lisa – consultant (Tarrant Regional Water District), Austin, TX
Israelson, Mark – Director of Policy & Government Relations (City of Plano), Plano, TX
James, Jerry – (City of Victoria), Austin, TX
McCraw, Ken – Executive Director (Tx Assn Community Schools), Cedar Park
Mendez, Mark – Assistant County Administrator (Tarrant County), Ft. Worth, TX
Mitchell, Seth – Assistant to the Bexar County Manager (Bexar County Commissioners
Court), San Antonio, TX
Palmer, Terrell – Investment Banker (First Southwest), Houston, TX
Patterson, T.J. – (City of Fort Worth), Fort Worth
Phillis, Peter K. – Director of Business Services (City of Mansfield, Texas), Mansfield, TX
Robbins, Dean – Asst. Gen. Manager (Texas Water Conservation Assn.)
Short, Jim – Lobbyist (Houston Real Estate Council), Fulshear, TX
Short, Jim L- lobbyist (Fort Bend County, TX), Fulshear, TX
Stout, Bob – (The Woodlands Development Co. / Newland Communities), The Woodlands
Sturzl, Frank – Legislative Consultant, HillCo Partners (City of Abilene, TX), Austin, TX
Sugg, Paul – Legislative Director (Texas Association of Counties), Austin, TX
Thomas, Neil – Attorney (Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.), Houston

Providing testimony against:

Clark, Catherine – (Texas Association of School Boards Texas Association of School
Smith, Michelle – Executive Director (Fast Growth School Coalition), Buda, TX
Tagliabue, Tom – Director, Intergovernmental Relations (City of Corpus Christi)

Registering Against but not testifying at the House hearing:

Anderson, David D – (Arlington ISD Board of Trustees)
Bresnen, Steve – (North Harris County Regional Water Authority)
Carr, Snapper – (Andrews County)
Ellmer, Mindy – (Tarrant Regional Water District)
Halbert, Wayne – (Texas Irrigation Council)
Hale, Angela – (City of McKinney)
Hord, Roger – (West Houston Association)
Israelson, Mark – (City of Plano)
James, Jerry – (City of Victoria)
Kell, Kassandra – (City of Irving)
May, Jennifer – (City of Sugar Land)
McCraw, Ken – (Texas Association of Community Schools)
Mendez, Mark – (Tarrant County Commissioners Court)
Mitchell, Seth – (Bexar County Commissioners Court)
Palmer, Terrell – (First Southwest Company)
Patterson, TJ – (City of Fort Worth)
Robbins, Dean – (Texas Water Conservation Association)
Rue, Karen – (Fast Growth School Coalition)
Shields, Susie – (San Antonio Mobility Coalition)
Short, Jim – (Ft Bend County, Texas)
Short, Jim – (Houston Real Estate council)
Smith, Michelle – (Fast Growth School Coalition)
Stout, Bob – (Newland Communities Texas, The Woodlands Development Co.)
Sturzl, Frank – (City of Abilene, Texas)
Sugg, Paul – (Texas Association of Counties)
Tagliabue, Tom – (City of Corpus Christi)

We hope this sheds some light on local governments’ activities which many taxpayers are unaware of. Your local officials need to hear from you.

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