UT ranked 3rd Richest University in the US

June 27, 2012

Higher education reform centered on funding and on reforms in the delivery system.  It appears one Texas University – yes, THE University of Texas – isn’t hurting for money.

The most recent comprehensive endowment study from the National Association of College and University Business Owners, which evaluated the 2011 endowment funds for 839 institutions in the U.S., found 75 with more than $1 billion in the bank.

The University of Texas system, with an endowment of more than $17 billion, is the richest public university in the U.S., and the third richest overall. That’s richer than Princeton and Stanford.  The school says it only receives 20% of its budget from the state, and that support has dropped steadily since 2009, leading to student walkouts to protest the budget cuts.

Texas A&M University ranked 10th.


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