The Sad State of Our Union

February 12, 2013

Written By Lauren Pierce

Tonight begins Act II of Barack Obama’s presidency.  Unemployment is at 7.8%, the national debt is flirting with the $16.5 trillion mark, and on a personal note- my paychecks for 2013 have all shrunk.

I’m interested to see what plan (if any) President Obama has for fixing the economic mess that America is in right now.  I’m wondering if he’ll blame the president from the last four years or simply write off the sad state of our union on some blurry and metaphorical hard times that seemingly will only improve if “insert empty rhetoric here.”

Why is the U.S. in this situation?  What do we have to show for $16 trillion in debt?  Did we all get free cars and free college tuition somewhere along the way and I just missed the memo?

As a 23-year-old college student, I have a hard enough time paying the bills.  Increasing social security taxes, which won’t even exist when I’m old enough to qualify to receive it, definitely doesn’t help my generation or me.

Hard working, bill-paying, tax-paying Americans are not happy with the state of our union.  President Obama, please give us a break.  The last four years weren’t good to us.  Let’s try something completely different this time around?

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