Texas Ranks #3 for Having a Small Business-Friendly Climate!

December 14, 2012
Texas ranks #1 among big states and 3rd among the 50 states (or Obama’s 57 states) in small business-friendly climate.  This is according to the Small Business and Entrepreneur Council. 
As the Texas legislature convenes in January, we will work to maintain a good business climate in Texas and one of our top issues is to provide greater transparency for local government debt.
Here is an analysis of our pros and cons.
Rank #3
Key Positives:
No income, capital gains, dividends and interest, and death taxes.
Fairly low unemployment taxes.
Low gas and diesel taxes.
Low workers’ compensation costs.
Right to work state.
Key Negatives:
High property taxes.
High consumption-based taxes.
High number of health insurance mandates.
High crime rate.
High level of government debt.
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