Texas Lt Gov David Dewhursts Speaks To RightOnLine Activists

March 14, 2013

“We have cut taxes in Texas 51 times – expect #52 and 53” was the key take-away from the most recent RightOnLine Texas social media conference call.

TX Lt Gov David Dewhurst was featured guest on the RightOnLine Texas blogger conference call last night.

He identified his governing principles including protecting freedom, keeping spending as low as possible and keeping taxes low.  Those have helped make the Lone Star State the top state in job growth.

We at AFP Foundation-Texas hold these conference calls because policy matters.

Lt Gov Dewhurst’s comments focused on fiscal policy and on education.

He went on to say he had concern over the 315,000 Texas students in 531 failing schools, saying tax credits can give kids in failing schools a chance to go to a great school.  He reiterated his support for lifting the cap on charters, giving parents a trigger to take over failing schools and providing safety nets for kids.

Dewhurst also expressed concern about the CSCOPE curriculum

On the fiscal front, the Lieutenant Governor said that the Texas general revenue budget has grown 11% below inflation and population and that keeping government growth low is important to the state’s economy and for taxpayers.

Thanks to good economic policies, Texas is growing two times faster than the rest of the country.   He touted that Texas is the top state for business, the top state for job creation and for 11 years in a row is the top exporting state in the country.

“I am the only traditional businessperson elected statewide and I bring that experience to office,” said Dewhurst.

“We are funding our priorities,” he said, reiterating his support for the budget compact which would assure the state that government growth would not exceed the increase in population and inflation.

The budget just passed out Senate Appropriations Committee this week and headed to the Senate floor next week represents a 2.9% increase in all funds (or 1.5% a year).

Regarding Medicaid, Dewhurst said it is already crowding out all other spending priorities including education and roads.

Dewhurst will be speaking on a panel focusing on Texas vs California at the conservative conference CPAC this week.   (Hint: Texas comes out the winner!)

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