Tax Freedom Day Finally Arrives in Texas

April 10, 2013

AUSTIN, TX. — “‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman / And you’re working for no one but me.”

That lyric from The Beatles’ hit song “Taxman” is ringing as true as ever for Texas taxpayers!

According to the latest Tax Foundation report, Texans have worked until today, April 10, just to pay the taxman at all levels of government: local, state and federal!

That’s 100 days — nearly one-third of the year– before Texans could start putting money in their own pockets to pay for their rent, mortgage or groceries– or to save for their retirement or education for their children.

The worst part is that even while having 100 days’ worth of wages skimmed away by the government, Texans get off relatively easy. Fully 32 states have their Tax Freedom Days on the same day or later than Texas. Still, there’s room to improve. Louisianans are able to pocket more than an extra weeks’ worth of cash, as their Tax Freedom Day came March 29.

The Tax Foundation report is yet another reminder of how onerous and out-of-control big government has become–and just how how much taxpayers are suffering under its enormous weight.

Click here to read the Tax Foundation report.

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