Sweeping Changes in CSCOPE Announced

February 08, 2013

Senate Education Committee Chairman Dan Patrick announced some sweeping changes to CSCOPE which include making the lesson plans available, opening the meetings of the board that oversees CSCOPE (Regional Education Service Centers – ESC) and shutting down the 501c4 entity created by RSC’s created to oversee CSCOPE.  This is all a reaction to the outcry of parents and the clearly poor management of the matter by the CSCOPE/Regional Service Center representatives at the Jan 31 hearing in Austin.

We at AFP commend Chairman Patrick for taking this swift action and will work to get legislation  passed to provide continued transparency and accountability for our education dollars.  The action announced today is needed, but does not mean the CSCOPE issues are all resolved.

We will continue to support Rep. Steve Toth’s HB760 legislation and other measures to get Common Core Standards out of Texas schools, to provide transparency in spending and in curriculum.

BTW – Shame on the Regional Education Service Centers for this misguided and devious effort to circumvent public review and scrutiny.

The following is Chrmn Patrick’s press release this morning:

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