Statement by Peggy Venable: Texans Need School Choice!

December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012


Statement by Peggy Venable

Texas Director of Americans for Prosperity


Americans for Prosperity is working to provide Texas  parents with choice and students with opportunity.    Part of our “Public Schools Plus” plan is to close low performing schools and lift the cap on charter schools.  And we must do more.

The plan outlined today by Lt Gov David Dewhurst and Texas Senate Education Committee Chairman Dan Patrick is a big idea for Lone Star businesses, for parents and for kids.  Texans deserve a bold plan which provides unlimited opportunities for businesses to support education.

Placing caps on that opportunity would be wrong.

Texas currently has limited capacity in non-public schools and this plan provides the incentives to grow educational opportunities for Texas kids.

Public education associations who will be voicing opposition should think twice about the message their opposition sends.

Education bureaucrats who work to defeat opportunities for parents to “opt out’ of the government-assigned plan which directs kids to schools based on their zip code, are sending a message to lawmakers.

Education bureaucrats opposing school choice are admitting that they have little confidence in the educational product they are delivering.  If education bureaucrats fear a mass exodus of parents should Texans have a right to choose their schools that provide all the more reason to provide parents with education options for their kids.

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