RRISD thumbs their nose at voters, votes to support the educrats, not the kids

February 22, 2013

RRISD trustees voted 2 oppose school choice, but 83% of the R voters (over 25,706) voted to support it. Their message: “2 hell w voters”

RRISD voted on school choice – we now know what trustees disregard their constituents

Why does this matter?  Because 25,706 voters said they wanted parents to be able to select their kids’ schools.  The issue was only on the Republican primary ballot.  What about the Democrats?  Only 4,644 Williamson County voters turned out for the Democratic primary.

The resolution was being pushed by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).    That is the organization funded with our tax dollars which lobbies against our interests – this is one of their principles: “ continues to oppose vouchers, tax credits, tuition reimbursements, and any other program that diverts public tax dollars to privately run schools…”


Just to set the record straight – what RRISD did.  Trustees who voted for the education bureaucracy and against the kids and the voters:

Brian Sellers
Place 1

Charles Chadwell
Place 2

Diane M. Cox
Place 3
Vice President

Catherine Hanna
Place 5

Glen H. Colby
Place 6


The lone trustee who voted with their constituents:

Pauline Law
Place 7

Terri Romere was absent.

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