Parent Trigger provides local control

April 01, 2013

By: Peggy Venable

Failing schools represent a betrayal of the trust we have placed in public education.  More funding has not been the answer.  Over a ten-year period, Texas school funding grew at a rate of five times faster than the student enrollment growth and we still have kids assigned by government – based solely on their zip codes – to failing schools.

Many of those kids are poor and their parents have no choices.  They cannot move to another district, nor can they afford to home school or pay for a private school.

Texas needs a meaningful parent trigger bill.  SB 1263 provides a tool to empower parents to take over and turn around their children’s failing schools.

This is the ultimate in local control.  The alternative – short of full school choice – is for schools to habitually fail our kids.  Students don’t have the luxury of time to wait for – and hope for – failing schools to improve.

We have 315,000 students in over 530 failing Texas schools.  Sen. Larry Taylor’s SB 1263 provides a tool for parents to collectively use to their child’s school around.

It is outrageous that the education lobby is opposing SB 1263 and defending the indefensible – public schools which continue to fail our kids.  We at AFP-Texas support SB 1263 – the “parent trigger” bill.

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