Outrageous statement of the month

June 26, 2012

It has been reported that Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff is quoted as saying, “If you don’t  carpool or use mass transit,  you deserve to pay a toll.”

You may recall we posted a piece on some Texas cities withdrawing from Agenda 21’s local government organization. Why?  Because that organization does not represent freedom,  consumer choice and liberty.  It represents social engineering and socialism.

And, sure enough, San Antonio is listed as a member of the Agenda 21 local government entity ICLEI.

This county leader espoused in his “state of the county” address last year an agenda which comes right out of Agenda 21:

The First strategy is to discourage urban sprawl through financial incentives to live and work in the inner city and to create a unique way of life that will encourage people to live in the near downtown area.

The Second strategy is to integrate Bexar Met with SAWS to create one regional utility that will be able to continue to expand and secure our water resources.

The Third strategy is for our new Public Private Partnership — the expanded Economic Development Foundation — to continue aggressively pursuing economic development projects that will create good paying jobs.

A Fourth strategy is to continue the City-County effort to protect sensitive land, expand parks, wildlife preserves, and our creeks and watersheds.

The Fifth strategy is to develop a balanced transportation policy that enhances the role of public transportation.

The Sixth strategy is to work to help those in our community who need it most — specifically those who are suffering from addiction, mental illness or both.

Read it here right from the County Judge’s own website.

Freedom-loving citizens of San Antonio, you have a problem…

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