Oppose CSCOPE; CSCOPE update

March 27, 2013

AFPF-Texas had a townhall meeting last night in Amarillo with the Amarillo Tea Party.  Also participating in the program was SBOE member Marty Rowley who is chairing the CSCOPE review of social studies lesson plans.  While we support this effort which has been promoted by first Rep. Steve Toth (in HB 760) and by Sens. Dan Patrick and Donna Campbell (in SB 1406), we encourage further investigations into the origin of and creation of the CSCOPE curriculum and the activities of and the operating methods used by the Regional Education Service Centers involved.  I spoke out in no uncertain terms that the individuals responsible should be held accountable.

We are particularly pleased to see the recent statement from Attorney General Abbott:

“The Attorney General’s Office has been working with Sen. Dan Patrick to scrutinize the CSCOPE program for several months.  We are deeply disturbed by the CSCOPE content and have significant legal concerns about the program’s operations.  Inexplicably, CSCOPE’s officials still have not taken any real steps to address the very concerns that have been raised thus far.  It is time for the veil of secrecy to be eliminated and we will continue working collaboratively with the Legislature until CSCOPE is held accountable for any potential improprieties.”

Concerned Women for America had posted the following information: “Concerned Women for America’s Associate State Director Michelle Smith: AG Abbott told me he has ordered a full investigation into C-Scope and if illegal action was taken by C-SCOPE he stated he will, “Shut them down completely” he said it is okay to tell others that too.
Thank God for General Abbott”

CSCOPE Review.

You can also read more about CSCOPE on the Watchdog Wire.

We at AFP and AFP Foundation are happy to see the work that citizens have done and policymakers are paying attention to the concerns we share about the lesson plans’ content as Regional Education Service Centers in creating, promoting and selling CSCOPE while denying public review of its content.

We encourage citizens to take action now and let your legislators know you want to pass legislation to require public review on curriculum and providing the elected State Board of Education review of all instructional material and oversight of the Regional Education Service Centers.

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