Misplaced Priorities: Allen ISD’s $60 million football stadium

September 04, 2012

Another example of Texas ISD misplaced priorities: Allen ISD’s $60 million football stadium.   This ISD of around 19,000 students spends only 47% of their education dollars on instruction.

That stadium may be a point of pride for the Allen Eagle fans and students, but they will be paying for that stadium long after the thrill of victory and agony of defeat fade.

I graduated from Odessa Permian…home of the Mighty Panthers, Mojo Mighty Panthers, Friday Night Lights. That was the heyday for Permian. And our football stadium was lackluster. We had no big-screen TV and if you set your purse down, chances are food it would fall between the seating.

Today’s Allen students may go to college, graduate with an average $24,000 in student loan debt and return to their hometown to pay higher property taxes as they try to start their professional lives and start a family.

Today’s youth will inherit a legacy of debt as today’s voters retire and take their property tax exemptions.

I grew up in Texas and didn’t miss a single football game for years. I like football but I want our kids to be able to achieve the America. Dream. And that dream will be just that…a dream…to kids who are laden with federal, state and local government debt, student loan debt and more.

Texas taxpayers owe a shocking $22 Billion in local government debt alone. That is second only to California, the Greece of America.

Texas is #1 in many areas…local government debt is one area where being #2 is shameful. We are mortgaging our children’s future….one football stadium at a time.


Fox News Article: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/08/31/texas-school-to-open-60m-football-field-dreams/

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