Let’s Make Texas Shine at our 2013 Summit!

May 31, 2013

Join us August 30-31 to take part in cutting-edge activist training, get educated on relevant free market issues, meet and mingle with thousands of like-minded activists, and hear from top-tier speakers and panelists!

We’re competing with the rest of the country to have the most activists at our 2013 Summit in Orlando, FL! Let’s show everyone that no one messes with Texas!

This summer the rich history of Defending the American Dream continues with the 7th annual Summit. In this banner event, free-market champions from Main Street to Capitol Hill come together for an unforgettable weekend with a shared desire to advance the time-honored ideals of economic freedom.

All around us a battle of ideas rages, and the very fabric of American prosperity is under attack. Now more than ever, we must be alert, involved, and engaged in the fight for freedom and liberty.

Registration is required. Visit the conference website to learn more and to sign up!

This event is hosted by our sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

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